Sexual Harassment: CRST Anti-Harassment Policy Synopsis

Sexual harassment is against the law and against CRST policy. It is the responsibility of every employee at CRST to follow this policy. Sexual harassment can take different forms – verbal, physical, visual, etc.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Examples of prohibited harassment include offensive remarks, jokes or gestures, inappropriate text messages or pictures, sexual propositions and physical contact. Sexual harassment can involve both men and women being harassed by members of the same or opposite sex.

Report Sexual Harassment

If you feel you have been subjected to sexual harassment at CRST, you must report it immediately so that the matter can be investigated and remedied. Whether it happens on a truck, at a customers’ location, at a truck stop, or in the office, you must report it.

To report sexual harassment, you have several options:

  • Contact your Driver Manager or an Operations Manager
  • Call the CRST Human Resources Department at 866-934-4895 (calls answered 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. central time)
  • Notify ReportLine 24/7 at 866-207-9076 or – reports can be made anonymously

Combating Sexual Harassment Together

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We are in this together. You will be heard, and you will NOT be retaliated against. Safety is the #1 priority at CRST and that includes providing a safe working environment, free from harassment, for all its employees.

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