Join CRST’s team of professional women for a financially rewarding career. CRST is one of the largest and most diversified transportation companies in the U.S. and proudly employs more women in trucking as professional drivers than the industry average.

CRST Women Discuss Truck Driving Today

Hear directly from three female truck drivers about why they drive for CRST.Listen to their advice about being a woman in trucking.

CRST Women on Positive Work Environment

Hear directly from three female team members, as they discuss the importance of a positive work environment at CRST.

6 Safety Tips

  1. Preplan stops. Only use safe reputable truck stops and rest areas.
  2. Use free safety apps. Loved ones know your location. One click help-alerts. Use Red Panic Button for Apple devices and Safety Assistant for Android devices.
  3. Park smart. Choose a pull-through spot that is well-lit.
  4. Stay alert. Know your surroundings. Secure truck when sleeping.
  5. Use cellphone. Videotape predator as you tell them to quit following you.
  6. Report suspicious activity. Tell travel center and/or highway patrol.

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Women in Trucking

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Ellen Voie

"The Women in Trucking Association, CRST and other team-driving transportation companies are constantly working towards creating a safer workplace for their female drivers. "

– Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking Association Inc.